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Scott Walker may be the GOP

February 2, 2015 4:52 pm - By: Richard V. Engle

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker might be the ideal candidate for the GOP going into 2016.

He has a blue collar image, a no holds barred attitude, and a winning record.  He can excite the base of the party while remaining aligned with its wealthy establishment wing.

My novel, The Last American President predicts that the Republicans would pick a hardscrabble governor who talks like an everyday guy,  works like nobody else, fights every form of government waste yet also manages to charm the elites of the party.

In my novel, I suggest that is the kind of candidate who can bring the party together and win on the heels of a popular and extraordinarily liberal Democrat who had 2 terms.

Is Scott Walker that middle of the country governor who will get the nod of the powers that be while winning the hearts of the American people?  Is Scott Walker the man who will do all that can be to bring America back from the economic brink of disaster? Perhaps there are other candidates who can win the people and also win the nomination by securing the influential power brokers who still gather in cigar smoke filled rooms on K Street and in conference rooms atop important skyscrapers in the biggest cities in the land.  Perhaps not. 

Some grassroots activists have bemoaned the accommodations made by Sen Rand Paul and other conservative favorites.  Most of the same dismiss the openly centrist potential candidacies of Bush, Cristie, et al.

Meanwhile, the elites similarly dismiss Cruz, Santorum, and even Jindal.  And Rand, he is not even a consideration for them despite his efforts to prove himself a team player.

All the while, Scott Walker seems to be coated in Ronald Reagan's Teflon.   He overcame odds not once but three times winning those three elections in four short years.  Rather than ragged and tired or accommodating and compromising, he appears energized and ready to take on a much bigger campaign.  He does seem to thrive on beating back every extreme criticism thrown his way.

Also in my novel, the previous nominee of the GOP who is famously centrist and having significant ties to international business decides not to run (after flirting with it awhile) and visits a Midwest Governor to recruit him to run. That Midwest Governor wins the nomination and the Presidency and does all he can to rescue America from generations of overspending and reckless overreach.  Does he succeed? 

Read The Last American President to find out. You might also read it to find out what happens next in the 2016 Presidential race. 

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Richard Engle

Richard Engle is a Past President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies which is the nation's largest and oldest Republican support organization.

Richard was twice elected to his local city council and twice elected to the Oklahoma delegation to the Republican National Convention including serving on the National Rules Committee in 2000 where he successfully placed a minority report on the floor of the convention - the first, and most recent since Ronald Reagan did the same in 1976.

Richard is President of BellWest America. Richard and Denise, his wife of nearly 30 years, live in Oklahoma City. Denise Engle serves as Workers' Compensation Commissioner for the State of Oklahoma. Richard speaks and writes often on matters of public policy.

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